Victorian Oil on Canvas Mother & Daughter Portrait

This is a charming 19th Century antique oil painting.

It is a portrait of a mother and her daughter, beautifully painted in oil, on canvas. Style: Folk Art. Period Gilt frame.

There is an inscription on paper attached to the back: Mrs. Chas. Purcell Cotter, nee Mary Anne Caroline Gaitskell, and daughter Alice Harriet.

we made a search to try to find more information about the lady and daughter in the painting: Alice Harriet Cotter, the little girl was the daughter of Reverend Charles Purcell Cotter and Mary Ann Caroline Gaitskell. They married in 1852. Alice might be about 6-8 years old perhaps in the painting? Suggesting the painting dates to about 1860 – 65. Rev Charles Cotter was the Vicar (priest) of a church in Stantonbury, a village in Buckinghamshire England, so its pretty certain that that’s where the family lived. Alice married Charles Henry Miles in 1892, and died in 1927.

We couldn’t find any reference to her having children.