Red Gallery strives to support and promote individual artists within our portfolio who are keen to be challenged by further developing their creative accomplishments. REDprojects launched in 2007 functions alongside stimulating events to platform emerging British and European artists.


Project 1

REDProject - You had to read my Diary“You had to read my Diary”

“You had to read my Diary” is a year long project by Garry Raymond-Pereira which commenced on January 1st 2008 and will conclude on December 31st 2008. The project features 365 individual panels; each one a testament to the date it was created on. All the panels will ultimately be hung in unison, creating a visual journal based upon the concept of keeping a diary.

Project 2

REDProject - 3 Dancers Unique Bronze“Unique Bronzes”

“Unique Bronzes” is a project by Stanley Dove centred on originality and exclusivity. The project consists of individual bronze sculptures, directly modelled in wax and cast to make a totally unique piece.

Project 3

REDProject - Wake Up Call“Wake Up Call”

“Wake Up Call” by Richard Southall is a project devoted to the consciousness of the imposition of humankind of the animal kingdom. Through the study of children’s literature and an understanding of the importance of environmental issues, Southall privileges an awareness of evolution, both for mankind, and the creatures with which we share our world.