Top Tips For Starting To Collect Original Art

Investigating where or what to buy when you initially start collecting original art, particularly if your budget is limited is really important.

Tip 1:

Buy art only because you love it! A painting is for life; don’t look at its economic potential alone.

Remember original art works are affordable; for example an original limited edition etchings by renowned artists such as Henry Moore can be purchased from as little as £600.

Tip 2

Educate yourself with knowledge from the dealers; when considering a piece of work, ask about the artist’s history; have they won any public commissions or art prizes, is their work included in any major collections.  Find out how the piece was made, its medium and the measurements Many galleries now offer interest-free instalment schemes so it’s worth enquiring what forms of payment are available.

Tip 3:

Purchase art from the right place; galleries, art fairs and auction houses.  The dealers from reputable galleries and auction houses will help, source and advise on the best works. There is an immense selection of different styles, mediums, sizes and prices so also use the internet to make comparisons.

Tip 4:

Quality of the work; in particular for photography, original prints – lithographs/etchings and sculpture – make sure the work is signed, dated and if appropriate has stamp of the sculptor.  Also a certificate of provenance from the gallery/expert.

As a guide line when purchasing original prints low numbered editions are generally better to acquire.  If the artist was deceased after production and a family member has been asked by the publishing house to sign and edition them, the editions may well be more affordable; however they will be less interesting to collectors in the future.

Tip 5:

Buying art that makes a statement; often artists will paint or sculpt to express political and social views.  This could be an opening to buy an art work that confronts the principles of art.

Tip 6:

When buying from young emerging artists look for a unique and constant style or form. Ultimately, you want to find an artist who in due course can be identified by his or her technique.

Tip 7:

Finally think about purchasing artwork for your children as investments for them!  Original paintings, prints and sculpture can be sourced at a very affordable price.

Head of Girl – Section Line by Sir Henry Moore CH, OM (1898-1986)Head of Girl – Section Line by Sir Henry Moore CH, OM (1898-1986)

19.7 x 15cm Original Etching 1981 , on Rives paper with Moore symbol watermark.
Signed by the artist in pencil. Edition size 50 £700