Tina Balmer

Artist Statement

I graduated from St Martin’s School of Art in 1983 and have been exhibiting my paintings since 1998.

My paintings are an appreciation of the domestic and the ordinary.   A contemplation of the rituals of daily life, brief moments or treasured objects from loved people, the joy and warmth of connections.

Flowers, vases, jugs, teapots on table top, a cat sleeping, a haze of light in a garden, a walk the dog in the woods, an old couple sharing a picnic by the sea. Visions of the everyday are both inspiration and celebration.

Underpinned by a sense of design, perspective is often ignored or changed. Light and shadow inform the pattern.  Paint is used in a relaxed way, with quick marks, sometimes scraped back, sometimes applied thickly with a palette knife, sometimes in washes, drips or splashes, until gradually the painting emerges and becomes itself.

Review by Mary Ingham Cumbria Life Arts Editor

‘Tina gives a fresh perspective to everyday objects she comes across and collects.  Walking into the studio in Tina’s Ulverston house is like walking into one of her paintings.  The hearth and mantlepiece are crowded with jugs, plates, mugs and teapots, contemporary pieces and vintage china picked up at auction, and flowers, plenty of flowers.  She combines colours in unusual and exciting ways, she ignores or changes perspective when it suits her sense of design.  Matisse, Winifred Nicholson and Mary Feddon are among the artists she loves.’