Stanley Dove

Born in 1931, Stanley Dove studied shoe design and manufacture at Cordwainers College from 1947-49, five years later he started his own successful shoe factory in London, which he ran until 1979. He then worked part – time as a consultant shoe designer traveling to various parts of the world to create collections of ladies fashion shoes. During this time he studied as a mature student at Camden Art Centre, where he concentrated on experimental painting, life drawing and etching. It wasn’t until 1987 that he retired to concentrate on full time sculpture.

Stanley has since exhibited widely throughout the UK and Europe including the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. Stanley Dove is a sculptor who is passionate about his art, throughout his career Stanley has repeatedly returned to the same subject matter, developing and improving ideas.  He is inspired by myths, music, dance and the natural world.

The annotations are in the words of the artist, providing a personal insight into the thoughts and emotions that drive the work.  In sculpture, Stanley Dove has found his true metier.