Paul Lemmon

Paul is a self-taught artist and has painted in various different media for most of his life. He has worked as a graphic designer for over ten years after graduating from Kingston University and this experience has helped him develop a particular appreciation of composition and the use of photography and colour. His work is about capturing “the moment” within the context of nightlife and social interaction. His starting point is an idea which could be termed the “snap shot aesthetic”. His subject therefore is gleaned from hundreds of photographs which he has constantly takes whilst out at night in an attempt to record and distil some essence of the atmosphere and spontaneity of modern nightlife. He has a love of oil paint and colour and his skill is to use these to convey a richness of light and a remarkable sense of life and movement. His work is intended to have a cinematic feel and is influenced by media, fashion and advertising. The angle of view point and cropping lend a sexual, voyeuristic undertone to the scenes which he hopes also adds to their intrigue and narrative quality.