Mark Woollacott

Mark Woollacott specialises in painting detailed originals of classic and modern yachts and topographical town and cityscapes. Whenever he sees something that is visually interesting, such as a beautiful yacht or a building, he will try to capture the subject as perfectly as he can onto canvas, paying particular attention to the quality of the light and to the colours within the scene.

Mark recently held a successful solo exhibition of his highly-detailed maritime paintings and raised funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. His paintings have been featured on well-known international sailing magazines such as Classic Boat and Yachting Monthly and a number of his artworks are in private collections in Holland, Spain and the UK. He has also donated artwork to the Princes Trust and in 2015 will be entering work for the Royal Society of Marine Artists’ exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.


“Art, for me, is all about beauty, and it is this theme which reminds me that art is first and foremost a medium which caters for the emotional and aesthetic preferences in people.  Art, like music, film and literature, is clearly a form of communication which is often telling us something more about life and through it there lies the potential for creating something beautiful, something which will touch people deeply on an inner level.  As long as we need uplifting and feel the need to be inspired, moved and entertained, art and colour will always appeal to our minds, our hearts and to our aesthetic needs.”