Lina Carr

Lina Carr is an Oxfordshire based artist and has been working in bronze since graduating with a Fine Art degree from Amersham School of Art. Lina’s work is often inspired by the body line, creating figurative pieces that are enthused with motion and energy.

All of her works are limited editions and are often large scale pieces suitable for garden spaces and park settings. Lina is also a member of the Oxford Sculptors Group and has participated in exhibitions around the UK, alongside working on commissioned pieces.

Artist Statement

‘I have always been interested in figurative works, birds and animals. Throughout my career, I have concentrated in constructing from life, simplifying and abstracting to bring together arboreal, primitive and human forms. I work in mixed media with a view to casting in bronze. I aim to create the feel of freedom and space, so that movement and energy emanates from my work.’

Art Education & Qualifications: Fine Art Degree, Amersham School of Art

Working medium: Bronze