Georgia Peskett

Artist Statement
I am constantly looking at the environment around me and my practice is informed by the photographs I take. My recent series of works on linen are part of an ongoing theme around the concept of hope.

Hope and Fortune:
Explores old superstitions in our everyday lives. Considering many of the long held beliefs that seeing certain things may influence life events in some way, bringing with it some hope. I find fascinating the idea that numbers and sightings have any bearing upon us as intelligent people.

Many of the circular paintings (traditionally referred to as Tondos) have been used to convey to the viewer a feeling of catching a glimpse or a sighting of something. The images used for these works were gathered over the past year on explorations of locations around the Peak District, close to my studio.

Hope and Waiting:
Focuses on the desire for instant gratification, where simply waiting has become unacceptable. The locations for these paintings comprise of explorations ranging from Bridlington to Fulham.

My work has been inspired by the works of Peter Doig, David Hockney, Edward Hopper,Jock McFadyen, Peter Blake and Marlene Dumas.

Art Education & Qualifications: Epsom School of Art and Design
Working medium: Oil on Linen