Catherine Williams MA

Catherine Williams studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England, Graduating in 1997 when she also received the Rebecca Smith Award for Printmaking.  She then went on to study at UWE again, where she completed a Master’s Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking.

The inspiration for Catherine’s work comes from the textural qualities of landscape, particularly the rugged Cornish coastline and the effect that the sea has on the landscape.  Colour and light also play an important part in achieving a sense of place.

The pri

nts are usually made by using one of the two following processes –

  • Etching, which involves deeply etching the plates to create very textural surfaces, combined with the subtle tones of aquatint.
  • Carborundum, which is an intaglio process like etching, except instead of eating into the surface of the plate, the plate is built upon using a mixture of acrylic paste and Carborundum grit thus making a very hard surface, the print has a very strong embossed quality about it.